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“Fine, let me grant you your wish [Petite Pov] Julie Jizz. Keep it up and I won’t be able to control myself anymore
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On a late friday night I came to her mom's apartment with a couple of old movies, Rain met me at the door kissing me, then led me back to her room, I walked over to her tv and popped in a movie, she stopped the movie to “go get popcorn” but started to kiss me instead, she kissed my ear and then whispered “I'm ready” and pulled back and couldn't help but grin, she smiled as well, and I asked if she was sure and she said yes, I kissed her as I removed her shirt,

Weeks went by of us going to movies and hanging out in her mom's apartment watching old movies and listening to the radio, then one saturday afternoon she asked if I want to going swimming with her at the beach, it was a beautiful hot sunny day and so close to summer I couldn't refuse, so I went with her and enjoyed looking at her body in a bikini all day, we lay on the beach looking at the setting sun when I noticed her face wore a small grin and she answered my questioning looks by kissing my cheek, and then my other cheek, and then my forehead, I was going crazy as she kissed all around my lips but not themselves, then she looked my in the eye and slowly kissed my lips, I kissed her madly back and rolled over on to her kissing and kissing her, after a while I started kissing her neck and she giggled softly, I laughed and lay my head across her chest listening to her heart beat, she closed her eyes until I brought my head slowly back up to gaze at her, then kissing her again I started to rub her stomach and then slowly inching my hand down her bikini bottom she stopped kissing and looked at me and then slowly took my hand away, i was hurt and angry and sat up, she did as well and just looked at her feet, I asked her what was wrong and if she was upset and she replied “I can't David, I just can't” I was annoyed but too obsessed with her to protest so she replied to her self “it would be my first time

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It was like fucking a child or something it was totally not good,
“now Marky this is what I have wanted from you!” she was bouncing so hard the bed was moving

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