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Anyway, after her father died she had to stay with her stepmother and depend on her for money and a place to live and although they were very wealthy Vera refused to give Cindy money because she wanted to keep her as her sex slave but Cindy will be 19 in 4 months and plans on going to college, she has been doing sexual deeds for her stepmother and sisters for far too long in her opinion Toni Ribas doing. Although she hated this routine because she always felt guilty for enjoying it she had to admit that Vera was an attractive women, she has kept her figure from 30 although she is well over 40, she’s sexy with her curves of a young women and a height of 5”7 C cup breast and her pussy was still fairly tight
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He called her name, but she'd vanished into thin air, I want to see you again

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He sat talking with us for awhile, as we cleaned up a bit, then I went down sucking his cock again, wanting it to get hard, it didn't take long, with Ginger working on him to, he began to look at who to fuck, I laid down and told Ginger to straddle me, so he could fuck her doggy like me and I could lick his cock for him, his eyes told me that was a good idea, as we began fucking once more, his cock going in Gingers pussy first go,

My tongue flicking his cock as he filled her hole, being his second cum load he was taking things slower, building up his cum reserves once more, as he settled down for a long fuck session with us, Ginger was loving it, so I told her to let him try her arse too, she pulled forward then pulled her butt open for him to slip in, and we carried on, he fucked her for ages, then turned and said Ok I want your pussy now Sue, so we changed around, and he rammed his cock home making me jump, but I loved the fullness of him in me, we fucked for hours he made sure he filled every hole as much as he could with his cock and even used the toys in us with his cock,, to dp us

At one time I lay on top of Ginger our bodies together my pussy just above her butt, and he went from top to bottom in us both, my arse then my pussy, from there to Gingers arse, then her pussy, fucking us for 5 mins or so in each hole, wow it was nice, then he returned up our bodies once more

I turned and sucked his cock, he nearly blew then but held of, wanting more, so with my mouth right on Gingers pussy he fucked each on different strokes, one for my mouth one for her pussy, kinky guy, but at all times he asked if we were ok with what he wanted to do, we were and loved it too, I would have fucked him for free any day,

Then as his balls got fuller he showed signs of wanting to fill some ones hole again, I asked him where he would most like to cum this time, he looked and said in your mouths, cool, as Ginger lay next to me we shared his cock, he pushed deep in both our mouths, but soon he wanked himself hard, holding his cock just away from us, this looked good, as he exploded over us both, what a nice load too, hitting our faces and mouths we both took his cum in our mouths, licking his cock head and balls, then kissed one another, he loved it, slowly his cock went soft, our attention turned to one another again as we both kissed and licked his cum from our faces, sharing the last moments, he sat back wide eyed, Click here. I’m sure he knew I was going out for a fuck,

I met Ginger at the Hotel, she was dressed sexy to, and carried a small bag with her, we both went up to the room together, as he opened the door I thought , tonight’s going to be fun, he was good looking , with a nice body, and judging by the growing buldge I don’t think we would miss out either,

We had a couple of drinks Ginger and I sat opposite him, I played with her pussy a bit as she kissed and fondled my boobs, then he said lets get naked,

I watched as he stripped, yep he was nice, nice muscles and a good size cock dropped out, around 8 inches long, quite thick in girth, with a nice knob head too, Ginger stripped me and then I played with her slowly getting her gear of too, his cock looked good as he played with it, we both worked one another bodies, going down eating pussy and fingering one another, which we had done many times at home too,

She had told him I wasn't a pro , but did need some spare money, so had agreed to play with her tonight, but that we hadn’t played together before, to heighten his sexually state, then Ginger pulled out a few toys using them on me, making me cum hard, juices now flowing down my cheeks,

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By now I was ready for cock, so I pushed back slowly, letting him know I wanted him, his fingers went in, massaging my arse, making me orgasm once more, he seemed to like this, then he pulled his fingers out, I gasped

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